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Rigid Boxes For Product Packaging: A Comparative Analysis of Maaterial Types
December 13, 2023 adminnewhouse No Comments

Rigid Boxes For Product Packaging: A Comparative Analysis of Material Types

Rigid Boxes For Product Packaging: A Comparative Analysis of Material Types

If you’re looking for a sturdy and attractive way to pack your products, Custom rigid boxes are the right option. They can protect your goods from damage during shipping and are easy to open and close. Rigid boxes come in a variety of material types, including chipboard and corrugated cardboard. Each is perfect for different purposes, so you need to choose the right one for your product.

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is a type of multi-layer paper that forms a highly durable container that protects products during shipping. It is made of a fluted middle layer that surrounds two flat layers on either side. It is a popular material for packaging and shipping products. This type of box is used for many different types of products, including foods and electronics. It can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes and is reusable and recyclable.

The main reason that corrugated cardboard is so effective for product packaging is its strength and durability. The flutes that make up the center of these sheets provide additional durability and resistance to pressure, which helps to keep your product safe from damage. These flutes also act as insulation, protecting your product from temperature changes and moisture. They can also be printed with attractive designs to promote your brand and attract customers.


Litho-laminated packaging combines the strength of corrugated cardboard with high quality lithograph printing. This is an excellent way to create eye-catching custom printed rigid boxes that will grab customers’ attention and help you sell your products. The main benefit of litho lamination is that it allows for high-quality graphics and customized messaging. This can be a huge advantage for brands looking to target specific audiences or increase brand awareness. However, a downside of this process is that it depends on print plates to transfer the images onto packaging.

Fortunately, digital printing for wide-format corrugated packaging and display can offer the same features as litho lam, but without the cost of print plates. This process offers a more affordable solution to creating high-quality, targeted campaigns that appeal to specific demographics.  This type of printing is also much faster and more economical than litho lamination, making it an ideal choice for large volume manufacturing. Plus, digital print can deliver full color printing at no additional cost per color.

Some litho laminating companies also offer magnetic closure options for their custom rigid boxes, which are an effective way to secure your product and limit the damage that could be done during transportation. This is especially helpful for high-end products that need to be able to withstand the rigorous conditions of cargo and warehouse environments. Whether you’re looking for a sturdy box to protect your product or a decorative, eye-catching option that will draw customers in, you can find the right solution for your needs with a little research. In addition to traditional material types, you can also choose to have your printed rigid boxes wholesale with a variety of different designs.


Custom rigid boxes wholesale made of polystyrene can be used to pack a variety of items. This material is often molded into complex shapes to keep products safe and protected within corrugated cardboard boxes. It also provides the added benefit of being easy to clean and maintain, which is ideal for high volume product packaging.

Polystyrene is a synthetic thermoplastic polymer that is made from the liquid petrochemical styrene monomer. It is naturally transparent and can be coloured using colorants.

It can also be formed into different shapes and forms by adding a variety of additives. It is also a good electrical insulator, which makes it a popular choice for electrical devices, appliances and electronics. There are many different types of polystyrene, from general purpose to high impact to foam. General-purpose polystyrene is a clear, hard, and brittle resin that can be colored with colorants. It is a popular packaging material for disposable plastic cutlery and dinnerware, CD jewelcases, smoke detector housings, and license plate frames.

Another type of rigid polystyrene is solid polystyrene, which has a more firm consistency and can be used for containers for food and beverages. These include yogurt cups, jars and other kinds of portable water bottles. Besides being a great packaging option, polystyrene is also an excellent choice for creating architectural models. This material has excellent acoustical properties and can be shaped with special foam cutters.

Thermoformed polystyrene is an alternative to standard corrugated cardboard, which can save space in a box and provide the added benefit of being light and flexible. The material is also a great thermal insulator, which helps keep the contents inside from getting warm or hot.


Chipboard is a versatile material that is used for a number of different products. It is made from recycled paper that is pressed together to create a durable, sturdy sheet. It comes in a variety of thicknesses to accommodate various needs and can be custom printed for a unique look.
A common use for chipboard is as a lightweight, sturdy form of packaging for items that need to be transported safely. This is especially useful when delivering products that are sensitive, such as speakers or electronics. In addition to being a great way to protect your product, chipboard can also give your products a distinct look that will make them stand out on the shelf. Chipboard can be custom-printed to include logos, company names, and more.

Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes can be created with a variety of materials, including corrugated cardboard, foam core, and litho-laminate. They are a popular choice for luxury brands, as they offer a high-end, eye-catching look and can be custom-printed with company logos. Choosing the right rigid box material depends on your product and your brand image. If you’re marketing a less expensive product, you might prefer a simple corrugated cardboard box that is inexpensive to manufacture and easy to ship.

If you’re selling a more upscale or luxury product, it’s best to choose a deluxe package that is made from chipboard and interior structures that are made from polystyrene, foam core, or plastic sheeting. Litho-laminate is a superior option for creating a deluxe package because it can be customized with a variety of effects, including foils and embossing.

Luxury Rigid boxes can also be designed with premium printing techniques and luxury elements, such as magnetic closures. Using these techniques will help boost your sales and increase the value of your products.

Foam Core

Rigid boxes wholesale for product packaging can be made from a wide range of materials. One of the most popular options is foam core, which is lightweight and inexpensive. It can be used for a variety of different purposes and is versatile enough to fit into most business budgets. The material can also be printed to create a unique and memorable design for your products. Some printers offer lamination, which will extend the life of your board and give it a more polished look.

Foam board is a great option for indoor signage and image displays because it’s easy to buy and design. It’s also inexpensive and looks great to boot.

Whether you’re looking to print on foam core for a small project or a large-scale display, there are a few things you should know before making your order. The best way to find the perfect material for your needs is to do your research and compare prices and quality control from various suppliers. A high-quality printed foam core will help your brand stand out from competitors and increase customer loyalty. It will also keep your products protected throughout the shipping process.

It is also important to remember that foam is not as durable as other materials, so you should use it with care. It can become damaged easily when it is handled improperly or exposed to moisture. If you’re planning to use foam boards for your company’s signs, be sure to choose a company that uses high-quality equipment and professional staff. This will ensure that your signs are safe and that they’ll last as long as possible. In addition, make sure to ask about any additional services that you might need, such as design consultations and custom-cutting options.

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