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Welcome to the next-level presentation of your trading items. A gracefully presented product can easily drag valued customers toward itself. Custom Packaging House offers these premium packaging boxes in display style. You can easily place these boxes on your counter. However, if you’re releasing a new product, promoting it, or simply trying to catch people’s attention at the point of purchase, these personalized boxes are the ideal option. Fascinating product packaging can bring more benefits to your trade. Get these Custom Counter Display Boxes in various sizes, shapes, and dimensions. Contact us and place your order now!


    When you present a product in dull-looking packaging it will be very tough to make the sale. On the other hand, choosing a captivating packaging solution with highly appealing graphics and bright color combinations will impact your sales.

    Custom Packaging House offers various stocks and design patterns that can make your product more impressive, elegant, and captivating. Cardboard Counter Display Boxes can be designed in various sizes so you can easily place the desired amount for display.

    Tailored these Boxes According to your Brand

    CPH allows you to mold your product packaging according to your brand theme. It is essential to follow your brand theme colors and design patterns. We offer custom packaging boxes that can be a true source of branding and promotion.

    However, we recognize that each brand is distinct, and therefore its packaging should be as well. Our Retail Counter Display Boxes may be customized to fit your business’s colors, logo, and messaging, resulting in a unified and compelling brand display.

    We offer multiple color scheming design patterns and printing methodologies that can play an effective role in the promotion of your company. Packaging box designs that are designed according to the brand’s theme colors can make your brand more popular in the targeted industry.

    Versatile Design Option at Custom Packaging House

    There are numerous options in cardboard packaging. You can craft these boxes in various shapes and styles. Some popular box styles are listed here:

    However, if we talk about the counter display boxes there is a lot of variety in these boxes too. Which can be chosen according to the space accommodation and product type. Most salespeople prefer to place these boxes near the cash counter where everybody can easily access them.

    Die-cut Display Boxes:

    These boxes are designed specifically in customized shapes. You can pick any specific shape design and color. They look more identical unique and visually appealing. For instance, you can pick any fruit shape to make your custom display boxes attractive and presentable.

    Multi-tiered Display Boxes:

    This is the most popular kind of display packaging. These multiple levels displaying boxes give a better chance to showcase these items in an organized way. However, these multi-portion boxes are ideal for cosmetic and candy packaging.

    Hanging Display Boxes:

    This is another design option for display boxes. We offered these boxes with a hang tab option. You can easily hang them according to your feasibility. Hooks or holes are provided for hanging on racks or shelves. Moreover, counter display boxes wholesale can increase visibility in retail settings.

    Pouch style display boxes:

    These display boxes are designed with the pouch option. You can easily place your product inside the pouch. However, it depends on your choice of how many pouches you want to add to these display boxes.

    Rotatable Display Boxes:

    These boxes are designed with a rotatable mechanism. You can easily rotate them at per convenience.

    Counter Display Trays:

    These trays are designed just like a tray in two piece boxes. However, different kinds of partitions and inserts can be added to these boxes to make them manageable and

    Display Boxes with Shelves:

    Multiple shelves for displaying various products. We offered these adjustable shelves to accommodate different product sizes.

    To construct a functional and visually appealing counter display packaging, consider the product category, target demographic, and overall branding strategy while choosing a design.

    Multiple Benefits of Using these Trendy retail Display Boxes

    There are a lot of benefits that can be avail by using these display boxes for your business products.

    • You can increase the product visibility level. By capturing the attention of potential customers and boosting the visibility of your goods on the retail shelf.
    • Customers love to buy those products that are present appealingly. That’s why a well-designed counter display may have a major influence on impulse purchases, resulting in greater sales and income.
    • A printed display box gives a better opportunity. However, with counter display boxes that adhere to your brand rules, you can maintain a consistent brand image across all of your items.
    • Make your consumers’ buying experience unforgettable by displaying your items in an organized and visually attractive manner.

    A Captivating Source of Branding

    Whenever a logo printed packaging is placed near the cash counter every customer will notice it. In addition to this, if you place your product in a well-organized and tempting way near the sales counter, customers will automatically be urged to buy this product.

    We offered various add-on options that can be adopted to make the text and font more attractive on the packaging. Some popular add-on options are:

    • Embossing/ Debossing
    • Foil stamping
    • Gold/silver foiling
    • Spot UV coating
    • Aqueous coating
    • Die cutting

    All of these methodologies play an effective role in making your text section more visible on the packaging boxes.

    Counter-display Packaging can make your items stand out with vibrant, high-resolution graphics. Our printing capabilities enable us to create intricate and vivid graphics that fascinate clients and increase sales. 

    Go Green with our Exclusive Counter Display Boxes

    Custom Packaging House offers these boxes made with degradable stuff. However, there are a lot of materials available in the market that can be used for the production of valuable packaging solutions.

    Use our eco-friendly packing materials to go green. We provide environmentally responsible options that are in line with your company’s commitment to the environment. Moreover, it is our top priority to deliver these packaging solutions with degradable stuff.

    We also offer various designs of Kraft Boxes which are 100% degradable.  You can choose this stuff for the production of these stunning display boxes.

    Contact us for the Premium Presentation of your trading items.

    Are you prepared to elevate your product display to the next level? Contact our team now to discuss your customization choices, obtain a quotation, and get started on the path to enhancing your brand’s exposure with our Custom Counter Display Boxes

    With packaging that says volumes about your business, you can stand out, catch attention, and drive sales! Contact us at or visit our website Custom Packaging House and explore our amazing range of packaging solutions at a reasonable price range.

    Please contact us for more information or to address any special questions you may have about our Custom Display Boxes. We’re here to assist you in improving your product presentation and reaching your business objectives.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Why are these boxes known as counter display boxes?

    Counter Display Boxes are customized packaging solutions designed to showcase and promote products at the point of sale. They are strategically placed on counters, shelves, or checkout areas in retail spaces.

    Can I change the design of counter display boxes to match the aesthetic of my brand?

    Absolutely! Our Custom Counter Display Boxes are designed to fulfill the specific needs of your company. There are several sizes, shapes, and configurations to pick from.

    What Products Are Appropriate for Counter Display Boxes?

    Counter Display Boxes are adaptable and can hold a wide range of items. They work especially well for small to medium-sized items, impulsive purchases, promotional products, and seasonal offerings.

    Counter display boxes may be built to successfully present your items whether you are in the food, cosmetics, electronics, or any other business.

    How simple is it to put together and set up counter display boxes?

    We value efficiency, thus our Counter Display Boxes are easy to assemble. We mostly provide handouts along with these setup boxes to make them more presentable.


    50 Boxes ( Hardproof Sample Option Available )

    Default process

    Die cutting, gluing, scoring, perforation


    Cmyk, pms, no printing


    Custom window cut out, gold/silver foiling, embossing, raised ink, pvc sheet

    Turn around time

    10-12 business days , rush

    Paper stock

    10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) eco-friendly Kraft, e-flute corrugated, bux board, cardstock


    Flat view, 3d mock-up, physical sampling (on Request)

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