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Die Cut Boxes

Die-cut boxes are best to enhance the aesthetic visual appeal of products. They make the retail items visible on the retail shelves. Custom Packaging House brings innovative and affordable die-cut packaging solutions. We use special die-cutting techniques to add appealing window features for efficient product presentation. However, you can order them in all dimensions as per your product’s specific needs. Our boxes are made of biodegradable and sturdy packaging materials. They come in great structural integrity and durability that hold the items perfectly during display and shipment. Besides, the die cut window shapes and sizes can be customized as per your demands. To give a catchy and unique appearance to boxes, we offer them engaging prints, artwork, and patterns. We offer die cut packaging boxes for a range of products in exceptional style and quality. Hence, all our orders come with free of cost shipping.


    Die cut boxes have wide applications both in terms of product packaging and presentation. At Custom Packaging House, we offer die cut window boxes for all products including jewelry, food, bakery items, ornaments, electronics, accessories, and more. Among all other packaging types, our die cut packaging boxes are the best choice as they elevate your product’s visibility, value, and demand in the competitive marketplace.

    We offer eco-friendly, lightweight, and highly versatile die cut packaging solutions at attractive rates. Also, you can order them for gifting purposes with add-ons and embellishments. We are proficient in making impressive die cut box designs that incorporate exclusive finishing, coating, debossing, embossing, and many other styling features. However, they have the potential to quickly captivate the attention of buyers which leads to more business sales and revenues.

    Order Die Cut Boxes in All Dimensions & Layout 

    Custom Packaging House understands the unique packaging needs of every business. However, we offer custom-printed die-cut boxes in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Just specifies your product’s requirements and we will make the boxes accordingly with perfection.

    Attaining customer satisfaction is our priority on all levels. However, you can get sleeve die cut boxes, straight tuck boxes, Reverse tuck boxes, die cut boxes, Die cut rigid boxes, die cut mailer boxes, and much more. Besides, the sizes can be customized into small, medium, and larger as per your product’s specifications.

    Custom Die Cut Boxes in different shapes

    At Custom Packaging House, we offer a lot of modification options to make your packaging highly appealing to the audience. There are a lot of shapes that can be made. Custom triangle boxes, Custom Pyramid boxes, and famous Custom pillow boxes.

    You can easily pick any shape of your desire as per the type of your product. Whether you require a die cut tuck boxesglass to highlight your goods or a distinctive form to compliment your identity, our bespoke die cut boxes provide unparalleled adaptability. The options are limitless.

    Differentiate yourself from the competition with totally customizable die cut boxes. From forms to sizes, our skilled designers will collaborate with you to produce packaging that is completely consistent with your brand identity.

    You can also choose any shape of the window to be added to your custom product boxes. A visible pane can make your shopping decision much easier for the customers.

    Sometimes, the visible window on Custom Food Boxes can increase the temptation level of the food packed inside the box.

    Full Customization Options in Terms of Printing, Coating & Finishing 

    You have the complete freedom to get custom die cut boxes in the exclusive coating, finishing, and styling options. We offer endless customization options to our clients. You can get these boxes in custom window shapes, sizes, and styles. Besides, we offer numerous printing, coating, and finishing options. You can choose from the following styling options to give die cut boxes wholesale an incredible appearance.

    • Spot UV, matte & gloss coating
    • Windows & die-cuts
    • Embossing & debossing
    • Hot stamp foiling
    • Raised Ink
    • Gold/silver foiling

    An ideal branding Option

    The selection of attractive packaging for the display and presentation of your product can impact your brand values directly. However, it is almost impossible to make your product stand out without using any enticing solution for display.

    However, you can add your logo differently on your packaging. You can add your logo in a die-cut pattern on your product boxes. We recognize the value of great packaging. Our boxes are made from high-quality materials to provide durability and protection for your contents throughout shipment.

    A blush-on box or eyeshadow box with a visible pane can make it easier for the customer to identify their desired shade. Moreover, it is a time-saving approach that can keep you safe from unpacking every box in search of the right shade.

    Die cut Boxes: A cost-effective approach

    It is very important to design a market-competitive packaging solution. In this highly competitive industry, it is essential to design a product box that can make your product identical.

    Although there are a lot of customization options, this option is cost-effective as compared to others. You can easily make your Custom Kraft Boxes more attractive and presentable by choosing an impressive shape for the package.

    As compared to laminations and coatings this add-on option is quite simple, handy, and easy to ready. You can easily craft your box in any specific shape as per customer’s demand.

    Contact us for these Tempting Packaging Boxes

    You can order custom die cut boxes in bulk at affordable rates. However, we deliver all orders free of cost to your doorstep.

    Make a statement with packaging that goes beyond the ordinary. Choose our custom die cut boxes wholesale and let your products shine! Contact us today to get started on your unique packaging journey.

    You can email us at Place your rush order right now!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Custom die-cut boxes are uniquely tailored to your brand and product specifications. Unlike standard packaging, these boxes are precisely cut to showcase your product, incorporate branding elements, and offer a distinctive shape or window.

    The production timeline for custom die-cut boxes depends on the complexity of the design and the quantity ordered

    It depends on the shape, if our production team approve it we will make it for you.

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