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How Much Does a Cardboard Box Weigh

How Much Does a Cardboard Box Weigh?

How Much Does a Cardboard Box Weigh?

Knowing about the weight of your product is essential while shipping. Whether you are going to deliver your products on a national level or you need to ship them across the borders. These cardboard boxes are the priority of the suppliers.

These boxes’ lightweight, durable, and degradable nature makes them an ideal option for delivery and packaging. However, these are the most commonly seen types of packaging boxes. But, have you ever wondered what the real weight of a cardboard box is?

“Light as Air, Strong as Steel: Discover Cardboard Box Weights”


Knowing how much a cardboard box weighs for several reasons, such as handling, storage options, and shipping expenses is important. In this blog, we will try to discover all the factors that can impact the weight of a Custom Cardboard Box.

Understanding the Weight of Cardboard Boxes: A Detailed Guide

Awareness of how much does a box weigh is an important aspect of calculating the exact shipping cost for your package delivery. Custom Cardboard boxes are essential for shipping, moving, or just keeping your possessions organized.

However, multiple factors can influence the weight of a cardboard box. Let’s take a look at those factors.

Factors influencing the weight of a Cardboard Box

Multiple factors can play a vital role in the calculation of the weight of a box made with cardboard stock. However, four main factors can directly impact the cardboard box’s weight.

  1. Size of the Box
  2. Thickness of the Box
  3. Type of the Cardboard
  4. Box Design

Size of the Box

Commonly, a bigger box size has more weight as compared to small boxes. A big size box means more weight and a small size will be less in weight. However, there are three standard sizes available in cardboard boxes.

  • Small size Boxes – (12″x9″x3″)
  • Medium Size Boxes – (18″x 14″x12″)
  • Large Size Boxes – (24″ x 18″ x18″ )

So you can choose suitable cardboard Packaging Boxes as per your product type and size option. The selection of a larger box means more weight in shipment.

Thickness of the Cardboard Boxes

There are multiple thickness levels available in the market. You can easily pick a Pt-level as per the delicacy level of your product. Pt. stands for paper thickness. Multiple levels of thickness can directly impact the weight of your custom packaging.

Here we are only concerned with the cardboard stock which can be customized on three different levels.

  • Single-walled Cardboard
  • Double Walled Cardboard
  • Triple-Walled Cardboard

Single-walled cardboard packaging boxes are thinner and lighter in weight. Whereas, double-walled are thicker and ideal for fragile items. But when we talked about triple-walled cardboard which is the heaviest type of cardboard boxes they are perfect for heavy items only.

Type of Cardboard

When you are keenly interested in knowing how much do boxes weigh? Then it is also important to know about the type of stock you are using for the production of your carton.

Cardboard can be corrugated or non-corrugated. However, it depends on the customer’s choice that which type they prefer.  But as you know cardboard is ideal for shipment that’s why the most popular kind, which consists of two liners and a fluted corrugated sheet, is used to ensure secure delivery.

Whereas non-corrugated or plain boxes are typically used for lightweight, less demanding applications like cereal boxes etc. A plain and non-corrugated carton box weight is easily manageable as compared to the other type, but the durability is compromised.

Design of the Box

Last but not least important factor is the design of your custom boxes wholesale. For instance, if you choose cardboard sleeve boxes then obviously they will weigh more than a simple rectangular-shaped plain box.

“A well-chosen cardboard box not only protects its contents but also optimizes your handling and shipping process”


Cardboard Box Weight Calculator

Let’s have a look at a general formula to calculate the weight of a box. However, after reading this there will be no obstacle between the calculations of the weight of cardboard boxes in any size easily.

Cardboard Box Weight Formula

CBW= L*W *H / 166

Here 166 is a DIM factor which is also known as DIM divisor. It is used to calculate the dimensional weight. UPS uses a DIM factor of 166 for retail customers whereas FedEx uses a DIM divisor of 139.

Let’s explain the formula:

CBW: stands for Cardboard Box weight calculated in lbs.

L:  Length of the cardboard box in inches.

W: Width of the cardboard box in inches.

H:  Height of the cardboard box in inches.

Once the volume is obtained by multiplying the length, width, and height, divide the result by 166 to find the weight of a cardboard box.

Example no 1:

Calculate the weight of a cardboard box with the dimensions of (12″x9″x3″).

CBW= 12*9*3/166

CBW= 324/166

CBW= 1.951 lbs.

Hopefully, now you will get the answer of, how much does a small box weighs. The above-mentioned size is a small-sized cardboard box which contains a weight of approx. 1.96 lbs.

Similarly, if you deal with the FedEx shipping brand then your DIM factor must be 139 so according to this


CBW = 2.33 lbs.

However, these DIM divisor factors can be varied according to the shipping companies. You can easily get the weight of your cardboard boxes in pounds.

How much does a 10 x 10 x 10 cardboard box weigh in pounds?

To calculate the weight of cardboard in pounds, using this formula you can easily calculate the weight of a 10 x 10 x10 cardboard box. Let’s calculate how much does a shipping box weighs in pounds

CBW= 10*10*10/166

CBW= 1000/166

CBW = 6.02 lbs.

So, the approximate weight of a 10 x 10 x10 inches box would be around 6.02 pounds

10x 10 x 10 cardboard box Weigh in Ounces

Now calculate the weight in Ounces. One can use the weight in pounds to convert the weight of a cardboard box to ounces. To get the weight in ounces, just divide the weight in pounds by 16. Thus, you may accomplish the following with this box:

Weight in Ounces= 6.02 lb. /16

Weight in ounces 0.37

In this way, you can easily calculate how much does small box weighs in Ounces.

10x 10 x 10 cardboard box Weigh in KGs

Now it’s time to convert the weight to kilograms. However, it is very simple to calculate because 1 lb. is approx. 0.453. Now you know the weight in lb. that’s why you can easily convert it into kilograms just by multiplying it by 0.45

1 pound (lb.) = 0.45 kilogram (kg)

Weight is kg= 6.02 * 0.45 = 2.7 kg

The weight of a 10x10x10 cardboard box is 2.7 kilograms.

Now take an example of a cardboard shoe box.

Normally a standard cardboard shoe box has the dimensions (14 x 10 x 5) but it may vary according to brand to brand and sometimes they can be gender specific too.

CBW= 14 x 10 x 5/166

CBW = 2100/166

CBW = 12.65 lb.

The average weight of a shoe box is 12.65 lbs. You must be interested in knowing how much does a box of shoes weighs in kg, a standard shoe box of dimensions 14 X 10 x5 inches is approximately 5.7379 kg.

Weight of a shoe box in Kgs= 5.7379 kg

Similarly, if you want to get this weight in grams you can simply multiply your Kg values with the 1000 to convert the units in grams.

Weight of a shoe box in Grams= 5.7379 kg *1000

Weight of a shoe box in grams= 5737.9 grams

“The weight of a cardboard box might seem trivial, but in the world of shipping and storage, every gram counts.”


Why it is important to know about the weight of your packaging boxes?

In this fast era of 2024, when most businesses are established online. You need to be aware of every aspect of product delivery. For this, you must learn the Significance of Box Weight. However, it is important to know how much a cardboard box weighs for several reasons.

Transport Charges

Costs are sometimes determined by the weight of the cargo by shipping firms. It is possible to more precisely estimate the entire cost of shipping if you know the weight of the empty box.

For instance, if you are doing a candle business the transport charges for cardboard luxury candle boxes must be low as compared to a men’s shoe box. You can easily put bulk quality candles inside a small box, whereas you need wholesale custom packaging for the bulk delivery of shoes. So the transport charges also vary according to the product.

Transport and Handling

Custom Lighter boxes are simpler to move and manage, particularly when you’re moving a lot of them.
Even though they could provide better protection, heavier boxes are harder to transport and might require more staff or equipment.

Solutions for Storage

To prevent overloading and possible damage, it’s critical to understand the weight capacity of your shelf or storage space. Moreover, you can easily analyze the durability level of your packaging boxes from their weight.

Impact on the Environment

By reducing trash and enhancing recycling efforts, using the proper box size and thickness may help promote better environmental practices. The weight of a cardboard box assists you in the selection of the right packaging option for the secure delivery of your product also it minimizes the chance of paper wastage due to poor selection.

Moreover, you can also explore Unveiling the Economics: Exploring the Cost of Making Custom Cardboard Boxes, this will surely help you in the selection of an affordable cardboard box according to your budget plan.

Some effective and Useful Advice for Selecting the Correct Box

Here are some free tips for you that may assist you in getting the perfect custom-printed packaging boxes for the display of your products and business items.

Evaluate the Contents

Must compare the size and strength of the box with the fragility and weight of the contents being packaged. It will help you choose the most suitable box size, design, and thickness of the packaging.

Think about Reinforcement

Use double or triple-wall boxes for things that are especially heavy or delicate. Moreover, go for a printed custom packaging that contains text or stickers of “fragile item”

Weight Distribution

To avoid overloading and damage during transit, divide the weight equally across the boxes. Overloading of stuff can cause damage. It may break your box or you may lose your product at the time of shipment. That’s why it would be better to distribute the weight instead of putting all the stuff inside one cardboard packaging box.


To guarantee safe handling, clearly mark hefty crates. Custom-printed Cardboard boxes are true time savers as you don’t need to open up all packages to explore, the written instructions on the box can help you out in this way.

“Know the Weight, Ship with Confidence”

Where to get a perfect and affordable Custom Cardboard box wholesale in The USA

There are a lot of packaging houses and suppliers in the USA. Which are dealing in customized packaging boxes. Custom Packaging House gives you the pride to get the most reliable and sturdy cardboard boxes wholesale at quite reasonable and affordable prices.

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Final Thoughts on Cardboard Box Weights

Although a cardboard box could appear to be an ordinary object, its weight is important for several practical and logistical reasons. You may save time, money, and effort by knowing the weight of your cardboard boxes whether transporting goods, relocating, or arranging your storage.

Always select the appropriate box type and size for your purposes, and never forget that the unassuming Custom cardboard box is a packing and shipping industry unsung hero.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A small cardboard box typically weighs around 0.23 to 0.34 kg, depending on whether it's single-wall or double-wall.

The weight is influenced by the box's size, the thickness of the cardboard (single-wall, double-wall, or triple-wall), and the type of cardboard used.

A medium-sized single-wall cardboard box weighs about 0.68 kg, while a double-wall version can weigh around 1.13 kg.

Knowing the weight helps in calculating shipping costs, ensuring proper handling, and optimizing storage solutions.

To calculate the weight, determine the surface area of the box, convert it to square meters, and multiply by the cardboard’s weight per square meter (e.g., 0.8 kg/m² for a single wall).

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