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7 steps to Design Custom Cake pop Boxes

7 steps to Design Custom Cake pop Boxes

Cake pops are a new trend in the market. Presentation of cakes in different ways can make your treat more attractive and presentable. However, you must pack and deliver this stylish item in a corresponding packaging solution.

The selection of a stunning and fascinating Cake pop box is not an easy task. You are living in a highly competitive market, where you have to face very tough competition daily. Custom Packaging House has solved your problem by providing you with personalized solutions for your product’s presentation.

Unwrap a world of flavors and fun with our custom cake pop boxes.


Step By Step Guide for the Production of Custom Cake Pop Boxes

Creating a Custom cake pop box requires numerous stages to ensure that the box not only looks good but also serves its purpose of preserving and displaying the cake pops.

Here is a step-by-step guide for you that may help you in the production of an impressive Cake pop Packaging

Step 1: Define your Requirements and exact dimensions

Before designing a perfect and appropriate packaging for your Pops you must be very clear about your product’s requirements. For instance, you must know the purpose of your packaging. Like either you are going to design these Cake Pop Packaging Boxes for gift purposes or you are going to throw a birthday party.

In this First step of the production phase, we cover the following steps:

Define your purpose

You must know for which purpose you are going to design these wholesale cake pop Boxes. Like either these boxes will be used for display, delivery, or an event giveaway. The identification of purpose helps you in finalizing the design and artwork of your packaging boxes.


Now, decide how many cake pops the box can carry. Some suppliers like to deliver bulk quantities together in one cake pop box wholesale, whereas, some prefer to deliver single pop in separate boxes.


After deciding the number of pops going to be delivered in the boxes, you can easily finalize the size of the box. Now you have a clear vision of purpose, dimension, and quantity.  It will be much easier for you to decide the box style, size, and type.


Choose the material you are going to utilize for the production of your bulk-order cake pops. There are various stocks available in the industry. However, the selection of the most suitable one is mandatory for secure and damage-free delivery of cake pops. Mostly Custom Cardboard Boxes are used for the delivery and packaging of cake pops.

Step 2: Designing and Prototyping

After collecting the basic initial-level requirements, let’s move towards phase two. In this step, you will finalize your packaging style and design. However, there are multiple phases of this step, let’s explore them one by one.

Sketch a rough Draft or Design

Before finalizing any packaging style or design. The first step is the making of a rough draft or design. Consider form, window positioning, branding components, and any special features (for example, inserts, and compartments).

Prepare Softcopy

Using graphic design tools, develop a complete digital prototype of the box, including colors, logos, text, and pictures as appropriate. You can easily make changes to a soft copy of your design. You can easily implement your cake pop packaging ideas and justify which option is the better one.


Create a physical prototype of the box to verify its size, structural soundness, and overall appearance. Make any required changes based on feedback.

Step 3: Finalize your Design and Graphics

After the approval of the prototype, you can finalize your design now.

Refine your Design

Finalize the structural design by incorporating input from prototypes, ensuring that it matches functional needs and aesthetic preferences. However, there are an array of box styles and designs that can be used for the packaging of these yummy cake pops.

Choose your Artwork

Create high-quality graphics for printing, including artwork, branding components, product information, and any ornamental patterns or pictures. We suggest our valued customers add logos on the packaging boxes or design their packaging themes according to their brand’s theme.

Step 4: Printing and Production

The third step is the selection of the printing method and production phase. You can add some additional finishing and embellishments that can make your package more impressive.

Choose your printing Method

Select a printing process depending on the desired finish, budget, and production volume (for example, digital printing, offset printing, or screen printing).

Print & Cut

Print the completed box design on the chosen material, then cut it to the given proportions with cutting machines or die-cutting equipment.  For instance, if you choose custom Kraft boxes for your pops then you can use the cutting edge technique for the custom shapes.

Optional finishes

Apply any extra treatments, such as gloss or matte coatings, embossing, foiling, or spot UV, to improve visual appeal and longevity. We suggest an embossing technique for the logo engraving on the cake pop boxes

Treats with a Twist: Creative Packaging for Your Perfect Cake Pops


Step 5: Assembly and Packaging

Packaging Companies are offering their wrapping boxes in a flat state. You have to make some efforts to assemble your Custom Printed Boxes.

Score and Fold

To aid folding and assembly, score the box along the fold lines. You just need to pop them out and your custom cake boxes will be in their shape.

Fold and Glue

Fold the box along the scored lines, then attach the corners and flaps with adhesive (such as glue or tape).

Inserts and Trays

If using inserts or trays, place them inside the box to secure the cake pops and keep them from moving during shipment. Custom Bakery boxes must have inserts that ensure the suppliers that their products will be delivered safely without bringing any change in shape.

However, some suppliers used insert trays only. These cake pop boxes with holes are capable of keeping your pops aligned and straight. Whereas, some brands add these insert trays inside the boxes which helps them in delivering these cakes


Place the cake pops in the prepared and decorated boxes, arranging them neatly and presentably. However, well-designed and beautifully wrapped cake pops look more tempting and delicious for your targeted customers.

Similarly, if you are going to present these pops as a gift then you can add some ribbons and cards to these boxes which make these boxes more impressive and memorable.

Step 6: Quality control and inspection

At this stage, you need to recheck the quality and finishing of your packaging boxes. Proper QA and QC are performed on the customized packaging boxes to deliver the best solution for the Custom Food Boxes.

Check for Defects

Inspect the final boxes thoroughly for printing mistakes, structural faults, and damage.

Functional Testing

Test the box’s functioning, including ease of opening, stability, and cake pop prevention.

Final Touches

Make any necessary tweaks or corrections to ensure that the boxes fulfill quality and consumer requirements.

Step 7: Distribution and Use

Make sure that either these boxes are going to be placed on the retail shelves or you are going to use them for the wholesale supply.


Prepare the completed cake pop boxes for retail sales, event handouts, or personal usage.
Display the cake pop boxes in a visually appealing manner that emphasizes their design, branding, and the tasty sweets within.

User Experience

Make sure that the boxes improve the overall user experience by giving a wonderful display and handy packing for consuming the cake pops.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can make your personalize cake pop boxes that not only preserve and display the delicate pops but also bring a touch of creativity and charm to any event.

Some Suitable Box Styles for Cake Pop Packaging Boxes

When it comes to exhibiting cake pops, there are various options for box types that may improve the look and appeal of these delicious delights.  Various packaging brands offer numerous kinds of wrapping boxes that can be used for the delivery of various types of edible items.

Here are some common custom food box types that are good for exhibiting cake pops:

  • Trendy Clear PVC boxes
  • Window Cardboard Boxes
  • Hexagonal rigid boxes
  • Printed Boxes
  • Mini cake boxes with pop insert
  • Nested Boxes
  • Two-piece boxes with tray insert
  • Display style boxes for bulk pops

The variations in packaging styles give you a better chance to showcase your products with perfection and elegance. However, each of these box types offers distinct features and benefits that appeal to a wide range of cake pop tastes, events, and amounts.

Finally, the preferred box type is determined by criteria such as desired presentation, branding concerns, and transport and storage convenience.

Sweetly Packaged: Custom Boxes for Your Delicious Cake Pops


Elevating Presentation with Custom Boxes

Cake pops are themselves a charming and visually appealing-looking edible item. The selection of an enticing wrapping solution can increase the temptation level for your products. While cake pops are undeniably appealing on their own, the correct packaging can take them to a whole other level.

Premium Custom boxes are not only intended to house delicious goodies but also to highlight them in all their magnificence. Here’s how they add to the experience:


Custom boxes provide unparalleled customizing options. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a wedding favor, or a business event. You may customize the Custom gable box’s design to fit the theme and colors, and even incorporate unique messaging or branding.

However, there are a lot more embellishments that can be made to these boxes for their better look and appealing visual impact.

Visual attraction

A well-designed package increases the visual attraction of cake pops. It can include windows that reveal the delights within, brilliant colors that complement the food, and unique designs that transform the entire package into a work of art.

We present your delicious food in bright and bold color combinations that will attract potential buyers. Printed food boxes with some attractive visuals of cake pops can make your packaging stand out from the rest of the competitor products.

Ensure Ultimate Protection Level

Food boxes wholesale protect in addition to their aesthetic value. They safeguard the fragile cake pops in shipping, ensuring they arrive in pristine shape. Inserts or trays within the box might also help to keep the pops in their original form and appearance.

When you are exclusively dealing in personalized packaging solutions, you have the freedom to choose the thickness level for your product. You can select thick cardstock for the wholesale cake pops.

You can easily make your packaging Gift worthy

Custom cake pop boxes are more than simply containers; they are also gifts in themselves. They offer a sense of surprise and joy when presented, making them ideal for presenting on a variety of occasions.

Most customers like to present these cake pops as a favor or giveaway on birthdays. With the ability of customization, you can easily craft alluring-looking Custom Gift Boxes that can leave a deep long-lasting impression on the receivers.

Environmental Considerations

Using a rising emphasis on sustainability, bespoke boxes may be built using eco-friendly materials, ensuring that the packaging reflects environmental responsibility. Use of Kraft boxes or cardboard boxes for food packaging is a secure option for your eco-system as well as for your edibles. Because these degradable boxes are non-toxic for your food products.

Learn more about Custom Food Packaging Boxes Perfect for Preservation and Promotion

The perfect blend of sweetness and style: our custom cake pop boxes.

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    Conclusion: A delightful feast

    In the realm of gastronomic pleasures, appearance is as important as taste. Custom cake pop boxes provide a canvas for displaying these little miracles in all their beauty.

    From personal celebrations to business occasions, these boxes provide a sense of elegance, inventiveness, and attention to every present they include. So, the next time you eat a cake pop, remember that it’s more than simply the flavor; it’s a feast for the senses, elegantly packed and ready to be enjoyed.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Yes, our cake pop boxes are fully customizable in size, shape, and design to suit your preferences and needs.

    We offer eco-friendly options for our cake pop boxes, ensuring a sustainable choice for your packaging needs.

    Yes, we offer inserts and trays that keep your cake pops in place during transport, maintaining their shape and presentation.

    We offer a range of printing options, including digital printing, offset printing, and special finishes like embossing or foiling for a premium look.

    Ordering is easy! Simply contact us with your requirements, and our team will assist you in creating the perfect custom cake pop boxes for your needs.

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